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Good Rabbit Vets

Dear Rabbit Owners

The grass in the rabbit enclosure is long and very green.  The buns love it when I pull the new shoots out and feed it to them.  Chelsea Bun gets rather bossy and scratches my hand if she feels I am taking too long to give her the next shoot, and if she sees me giving any grass to Marge through the wire, she grunts and boxes me.

With all the rain we have been having, the buns have been locked up quite a lot lately, so when I finally let them out the one day, Pillsbury was jumping as high as possible from one stepping stone to the next so as not to get his feet wet.  It was so funny to watch.

Today I want to discuss the importance of finding a good ‘rabbit’ vet.

As soon as you get a rabbit, you need to find a good rabbit vet.  Don’t leave it until you have an emergency.  Not all vets are experienced with rabbits, and even within a group practice you will find that some of the vets are more knowledgeable and interested in rabbits than others.  Quite often we find it is younger vets who are more open minded about rabbits and more willing to go away and find information if they don’t know the answer off hand. Rabbits are companion animals – not livestock. You need a vet whom you trust to do the best for your rabbit. You are looking for someone who will put as much effort into your rabbit as he/she would for a dog or cat. Of course you must also be willing to pay the appropriate rate. Another point to remember, is that your nearest vet may not be the best vet for your rabbit.

There are a few questions you can ask the vets when you are looking for a rabbit knowledgeable vet.
Firstly ask how many rabbits they see a week and how many spays and neuters the vet has done.
Another clue is whether the vet tells you to fast your rabbit before surgery or not. Rabbits should NEVER have their food taken away from them before surgery as this can be life threatening for them, causing GI Stasis.

Please email me your ‘rabbit’ vets that you have found, so that I can add their names and contact details to the Bunny Chow website.

Take care


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